4:21pm 11-27-2022
Thank you so much for making this <3
It was really cool to go back in time for a bit, and I really appreciate it!
3:03am 11-05-2022
4:20am 10-18-2022
omg your site is so cute!!!
7:06pm 04-26-2022
Ur site is sooooo good. I feel like we have a lot in common interests-wise because I am 28 and I too remember a lot of the early/mid 00s ~anime fan internet~ very fondly, like making my first anime fansites & graphics and such this energy is what I want for my site haha so inspiring, well-organized, and cute to boost! ♥ thanks for it ~~
11:08pm 04-22-2022
love your site! super nostalgic.
7:39am 04-19-2022
this is such a cute website! i love it. certainly fun reading about your collections!!
7:15pm 10-29-2021
celeste berry
this website is so gorgeous!!! i wish i had these skills.
im at dont judge me
12:54am 04-15-2021
Your site is so soft and pretty! I love how you organize everything out into its own containers in each section. It's going to take me hours to go through everything, but I wanted to do a real quick hi and tell you my initial thoughts!

--- Come say hi!
10:06am 12-07-2020
Your site is so immensely charming!! I will definitely link back, the icons are so nostalgic, and ah!! You know Earl and Fairy??? I started reading the manga a long time ago, but dropped off because someone told me it was incomplete (didn’t know there was a novel too!!). I didn’t like the anime as much, the first chapter was more exciting and charming than the first ep...
At any rate, sweet layout and nostalgic content!! ^^